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• Municipal Engineering

• Site Design

• Construction Inspection/Monitoring/Management   
• Ordinance Revisions

• Solar Design

• Meeting representation

• Land Surveying

• Local, Federal & State Permitting

• Capital Infrastructure Design and Specifications

• Grant Writing & Administration

• Watershed Management

• Stormwater Management
• Landscape Architecture

• Parks and Recreation

• Soils Investigation & On-Lot Sewage Disposal
• Bridge & Dam Engineering And Inspection

• Geotechnical Engineering 

• Water & Wastewater Engineering

• Athletic Fields/Schools Services

• Subdivision/Land Development Submission Review

• Construction Engineering Support

• Earth Disturbance Grading

• Plan Reviews

• Community & Regional Planning




Van Cleef Engineering Associates, LLC (VCEA) is a multi-disciplined firm of Engineers, Certified Inspectors, Planners and Surveyors.

Since our inception,VCEA has established itself with peers and clients as a well-respected consulting firm. Our accomplishments can be directly attributed to hard work, and our commitment to providing clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions to their problems.

Van Cleef Engineering Associates was founded in 1972 by Neil I Van Cleef, as an outgrowth of Bohren, Bogart, and Van Cleef.  Mr. Van Cleef has continued his active direction of the company to this day.

VCEA has grown to 9 offices (and more than 140 employees) throughout New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. These offices are strategically placed near major growth areas, granting VCEA an in-depth knowledge of these critical regions.  The company has also greatly diversified its services, now offering site planning, stormwater management, center-based development, structural engineering, landscape architecture and planning, and transportation planning and engineering.

In January 2001, VCEA acquired Cherry, Weber, and Associates (CW) a consulting civil engineering firm consisting of over 50 employees with a strong emphasis in transportation. This wholly-owned subsidiary firm, founded in 1970 as C. Douglas Cherry & Associates, has its primary expertise in the areas of roadway and bridge design, bridge safety (NBIS) inspection, construction inspection, site plan design, geotechnical engineering and land surveying. To visit Cherry Weber's page, please click here.

The two firms share personnel and resources to provide expertise in all of the major areas of civil and municipal engineering.